Late Pakistani chef Fatima Ali wins James Beard Media Award

Chef Fatima Ali

Pakistani-American Top Chef challenger Fatima Ali who passed away not long ago after about a year-long fight with disease, has been granted the James Beard Media Award post mortem.

Ali, who moved to New York at 18 years old, rose to popularity on Bravo’s Top Chef where she came in seventh on season 15 yet won the Fan Favorite title when the season finished early a year ago. She was known for her “fun identity and great cooking” of nourishment.

She won the honor for her exposition ‘I’m a Chef with Terminal Cancer. This Is What I’m Doing with the Time I Have Left’ written in October 2018 for Bon Appetite magazine.

The honor service will be hung on May 6.

Ali was determined to have malignant growth toward the finish of 2017 with Ewing’s sarcoma, a sort of bone and delicate tissue disease. She had chemotherapy and medical procedure to expel a tumor and encompassing cells in her left shoulder in January 2018. In any case, her wellbeing later weakened.

A year ago, Ali showed up on The Ellen DeGeneres show where she discussed her fantasies of venturing to the far corners of the planet and eating at her preferred spots.

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